Generations in Jazz 2019

Generations in Jazz 2019 - That’s a wrap!

After an exhilarating and exhausting weekend away at Generations in Jazz I thought it was time to reflect a little on the benefits of this weekend. What did you get out of it? I am sure that we can all say that our Bands (and/or Choirs) all improved through the previous months leading up to this great event, so it is clearly a motivator for both students and teachers. Did your students commit to increased hours of personal practice and ensemble rehearsal? That’s a win. Did your students work together as a team and support each other? That’s a win. Did your groups stand up and perform in difficult circumstances? Maybe the stage wasn’t the size/shape/layout they were used to? Maybe one (or more) of your students weren’t feeling well? Maybe someone had misplaced their music? Maybe your rhythm section was faced with using equipment that was unfamiliar to them? That’s a win.

All of these things contribute (in varying degrees) to stresses placed of students and teachers. I bet we all survived??? So perseverance, teamwork, self discipline, dedication, being brave in the face of adversity, taking risks, putting yourself “out there” or just performing and being expressive in a musical style or “language” that is unfamiliar to many students was happening everywhere. What a great educational experience! We are all winners when students grow through these experiences.

To all our members who had success over the weekend - whether that was in winning prizes or just guiding your students through a weekend of incredible music, and growth, and education; Well done and Congratulations.